The annual Winter Meeting was held in Bardstown, KY. Board meetings, district officers' workshop and steward questions and answers were just part of the agenda. One new seminar your KYRLCA Board is trying is the Bulletin Board. This seminar is about giving you clarification on a topic. Some of the things discussed this time was: what is SAC, National General Insurance, the Retirement Seminar just to name a few.
President Jane Virgin presented Kathy Short with her Past President pin.
One of the high lights of the meeting was the retirement dinner/reception held for Frankie Hunt. Frankie has served the state as an officer on many different levels. District Officer, Vice-President and President of the state, local steward, Assistant State Steward and District Representative of the Kentuckiana Distict to name a few. We were honored to suprise him with guests including, National Board Committeeman Johnnie Miller and his wife, past HR Director Gordon Depean and wife Sandy along with acting Postmaster Eddy Jessie and wife. We would like to thank Frankie for his deciation to our craft. His wife Linda and daughter Amanda for sharing of his time away from them. The state gave him a beautiful wall clock in our thanks.
We finished out the meeting with a mail count seminar attended by 130 carriers from all over the state.