Board Member Steve Roberts

 My Postal career began in 1984.  I was hired on in the Eminence office as an RCR.  Shorty after I converted to an RCA. I made regular in 1992. I have carried half of the route that I am on now since I began my career. I grew up and attended school there, so I have never ventured far away.  I have been an officer in District F for the last 3 years, serving as Vice President and then President.  My wife Tammy and I reside in Pleasureville.  I have two sons,  Dallas and Austin.  Dallas is married to Jessica and they have our first granddaughter Bellarose.  Austin is currently a regular carrier also out of the Eminence office.  He is engaged to Angela Riley who works at Eminence as an RCA also. I am appreciative for  the opportunity to serve on the KYRLCA  board.