Executive Board
The officers of this Association shall consist of the President, Vice-President, and Secreary-Treasurer, whose terms of office shall be for one year beginning immediately (except for the Secretary-Treasurer who shall assume his/her duties on September 1 of the year elected) upon their election and installation and running until their successors are elected and installed. Also, there shall be four members of the Executive Committee, whose terms shall be for two years; two being elected each year in the same manner and taking office at the same time as the other officers. The above mentioned officers and Executive Committee shall constitute the Board of Control.

No elected officer shall hold the same office more than two consecutive term, except for the Secretary-Treasurer. No member shall hold two elected offices on the State Board at the same time.
If a position becomes vacant, it will be filled at the convention where the opening occurs.

​​Officers of KYRLCA:
​President - Margie McDaniel, Vice-President- Ashley Baker, Secretary/Treasurer - Donna Cissell,
Board Members, Kim Harrell, Rebekah Zemo, Scott Barnes, Kyla Spencer