Kentucky has 6 congressional districts, Listed below are the Representatives names and contact information of each one. Also  where their offices are located and how you can get in touch with them.

District 1:  Representative James Comer
                        Washington  202-225-3115

                        Thompkinsville 270-487-9509

District 2:  Representative Brett Guthrie
                         Washington 202-225-3501

                         Bowling Green 270-842-9896

District 3:  Representative John Yarmuth
                         Washington 202-225-5401

                          Louisville 502-582-5129

District 4: Representative Thomas Massie
                        Washington 202-225-3465

                        Local Office 606-324-9898

District 5: Representative Hal Rogers
                        Washington 202-225-4601

                        Somerset 606-629-8346

District 6: Representative Andy Barr
                        Washington 202-225-4706

                         Lexington 859-219-1366  
in addition to his Lexington office, he has mobile hours in every county.
Mitch McConnell
Rand Paul

Below is the contact office numbers for the senators. 

Contact: Mitch McConnell

                     Washington #202-224-2541
                      Louisville #502-582-6304

Contact:  Rand Paul

                     Washington 202-224-4343
                     Bowling Green 270-782-8303