The South Atlantic Conference includes the states of Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi. 
Kentucky SAC Board Members:
Kim Harrell                            Rebekah Zemo
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South Atlantic Conference 2019 (SAC)
This year was my first attending SAC while being a board member. I learnt firsthand what hard work, dedication, and precision for detail it takes for multiple board members to put on such an informative conference. A new record of 504 carriers and their guest were registered by the end of the conference. And let me mention registration is FREE. Unlike other conferences you are charged absolutely nothing to attend all the seminars, which range from being a RCA , new regular carrier, and on to retirement. There is also a session usually with an update from NRLCA President and Q & A sessions with the National board and USPS Reps.
If you haven’t attended in the past or it has been awhile, make plans for next year! January 25-27, 2020, Crowne Plaza hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. Our state has a stipend of $200 for all KYRLCA members who attend. This pays for your hotel, all but tax. It is a very affordable and with all the information available in front of you it is well worth the trip!
Contact me or Kim Harrell with any questions/concerns you may have.
Did I mention APCU has drawings for money?!
Rebekah Zemo, KYRLCA Sac Board Representative

Below is an article from state member Melissa Carter on attending SAC for the members first time.

I attended the South Atlantic Conference in Atlanta, Georgia for the first time this year. As a first-timer, I didn’t know what to expect, but was impressed by the relaxed atmosphere and the ability to interact easily with the members of the NRLCA National Board.
Over the weekend, informative seminars on Labor Relations, Retirement, Understanding Social Security, RCAs, and New Carriers helped attendees gain new knowledge in these areas. NRLCA President Ronnie Stutts gave a keynote speech addressing the progress of the contract negotiations, RCA shortages, and the rollout of the time study.
One highlight of the conference was Q & A sessions with the National Board and with several USPS Operational Managers. Both panels answered ques-tions submitted by the conference attendees, and I found this was a valua-ble way for rural carriers to voice their concerns to both the National Board and Postal Management.
Attending SAC is a great way to stay up to date on many issues that affect our jobs and get answers to questions you may have on topics like FMLA, Leave Replacement Assignment List, and the Relief Day Work List, just to name a few. This was also a wonderful opportunity to meet rural carriers from all over the South Atlantic Region and I look forward to seeing my new friends again next year.
Melissa Carter, KYRLCA member