Provident Guild
Stephanie Endicott

Stephanie is our new Provident Guild Appointee. Her contact information is as follows:
11822 South Highway 3
Louisia, KY. 41230-6597

Please contact her for any questions on Provident Guild.

Provident Guild 
Do you like a bargain?  If so, now is the time to act.  The Provident Guild is a fraternal non-profit death benefit plan.  It was created by rural carriers for rural carriers.  Its purpose is to provide financial relief to beneficiaries or the dependents of the deceased members of the guild.  
YEARLY dues range from $10 to $50 based on your age when you apply.  It is open to all Regular, RCR, RCA, PTF and ARC rural carriers and their spouses as long as they are under 56 years of age when applying.  Benefits do not decrease and dues do not increase as you grow older.  
When a claim is filed, a check for 30% of the maximum payment is immediately sent to the beneficiary.  In August a second check will be sent.  Now for the bargain: during the months of January, February and March you only need to pay 50% of the YEARLY dues ($10-$25) plus the $2 entrance fee.  
If you are already a member, consider ‘gifting’ your sub or regular with membership.  
For more information or an application form, contact me.  My phone number is in newsletter and under appointed officers.  
Stephanie Endicott