Provident Guild
Stephanie Endicott

Stephanie is our new Provident Guild Appointee. Her contact information is as follows:
11822 South Highway 3
Louisia, KY. 41230-6597

Please contact her for any questions on Provident Guild.

Death Benefits

When you die (when, not if, because we are all going to die), could your family use some ready cash without having to wait for the courts and legal action that can tie up estates?
Provident Guild beneficiaries receive a check equal to 30 times the annual dues as soon as a blue claim form and a death certificate are filed. A second check will be sent after the National Convention.
What is the Provident Guild? The Provident Guild is a non-profit fraternal death benefit program creat-ed and operated by rural carriers for the member-ship. It is not insurance.
How do you join and what does it cost? Becoming a member is easy (as long as you are under the age of 56). There is no physical examination required. YEARLY dues are based on your age when you join and range from $10 to $50. (See chart). There is also a $2 entrance fee.
Dues do not increase as you grow older and the class you choose remains in effect as long as you pay your annual dues.
Membership is open for all regular, substitute, RCR, RCA, PTF and ARC carriers and their spouses. If you are already a member, remember your spouse can also be a member.
For an application or if you have questions, please contact me. My information is in this newsletter and on the website.

Stephanie Endicott, KYRLCA Provident Rep