PAC Chair   
Margie McDaniel

The 116th Congress Is Now In Session!
For Kentucky that means we go forward just as we were.  That is both good and bad for rural carriers.  On one hand it is good that the current senators and representatives have all been made aware of the issues we face and how they can support us. If we had elected new congressional leaders, it would have taken more time to introduce and educate them on issues related to the Postal Service.  On the other hand, much of the current leadership in Kentucky has not supported us on postal legislation.

Moving forward,the first thing we have to do is educate all our representatives on new legislation nomenclature introduced in the 116th Congress.  H. Res. 54—expressing support for continued 6 day delivery—was formerly called H. Res. 15 and has 86 cosponsors at the time of writing.  Rep. John Yarmuth is the only Kentucky cosponsor at this time.  Door-to-door delivery is covered under H. Res. 23 (formerly called H. Res. 28) and currently has 30 cosponsors.  H. Res. 31, with 8 cosponsors, is now H. Res. 60 and aims to return service standards to the level they were in July 2012.  I heard that new legislation is to be introduced on a Federal temporary service buy back and will specifically include postal employees, but I don't yet have a resolution number for it.

The most action has occurred on H. Res. 33, which replaces H. Res. 993.  H. Res. 33 expresses the opinion that the USPS should not be privatized and as of February 7th it has 147 cosponsors, of which the only Kentucky representative is John Yarmuth.  Not only should every rural carrier in District 3 express their appreciation for his support, but every rural carrier across the state should write his office and let him know how much we all appreciate his continued action on legislation that supports our jobs and what it means to our families.

                                 Kentucky Senators
Mitch McConnell
601 W. Broadway                                                      171 Corporate Drive
Room 630                                                                        Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40202                                                 Lexington, KY  40503
Phone:  502-582-6304                                            Phone:  859-2224-8286

Rand Paul
1029 State Street                                                      167 Russell Senate Office Building                
Bowling Green, KY                                                    Washington, DC  20510
Phone:  270-782-8303                                           Phone:  502-224-4343
                                 Kentucky Congressmen
District 1 - James Comer
300 S 3rd Street                                                        200 North Main St, Suite F
Paducah, KY  42003                                               Tompkinsville, KY  42167
Phone:  270-408-1865                                         Phone:  270-487-9509

District 2 - Brett Guthrie
996 Wilkinson Trace, Suite B2                        411 W. Lincoln Trail Boulevard
Bowling Green, KY  42103                                Radcliff, KY  40160
Phone:  270-842-9896

District 3 - John Yarmuth
7219 Dixie Hwy                                                        600 Martin Luther King Jr. Place, Suit 216
Louisville, KY  40258                                              Louisville, KY  40202
Phone:  502-933-5863                                          Phone:  502-582-5129

District 4 - Thomas Massie
108 W. Jefferson St                                                   1700 Greenup Ave, Suite 505
LaGrange, KY  40031                                                Ashland, KY  41101
Phone:  502-265-9119                                            Phone:  606-324-9898

District 5 - Hal Rogers
551 Clifty Street                                                         100 Resource Ct., Suite A
Somerset, KY  42503                                                Prestonsburg, KY  41653
Phone:  800-632-8588                                            Phone:  606-886-0844

District 6 - Andy Barr
2709 Old Rosebud Road                                        1427 Longworth House Office Building
Lexington, KY 40509                                                Washington DC 20515
Phone:  859-219-1366                                            Phone:  202-225-4706