PAC Chair   
Margie McDaniel

I want to thank the members of the Association for the generous giving to PAC thus far for the 2018 year.  Our efforts were successful through the Call to Congress initiative, we were able to block the cuts to Postal retirement benefits.   
The success we experienced through the Call to Congress may be brief.  As I write this article, it seems imminent for the tax reform to pass and be signed into law, reducing the tax bill paid by millions of Americans and businesses.  That is a great thing for many of us who will most likely see a few extra dollars in each and every paycheck.  The down side of it is that those dollars were used to fund something.  Whether it was the reduced lunches for school children, Medicare coverage for the aged and disabled, road repair and construction, or maybe it was the FEMA resources used for aid when some have lost everything through no fault of their own.  Whatever those tax dollars were used for, that money has been allocated and now must be replaced.  It will be the job of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to find those funds.
Hopefully you read Paul Swartz's article in the Carrier magazine, in which he makes it clear that the Committee is limited in ways to reduce spending in order to replenish the funds needed.  We are fortunate that Mr. Swartz is very dedicated to his task of staying on top of the legislation that affects our jobs and our benefits.  Please take time to get involved at any level you can in order to assist his efforts.  If you cannot write or call you representatives in the Congress and Senate, if you cannot spend the time to research and understand the proposed bills, resolutions, and budgets, perhaps you could send a check.
To date the KYRLCA has contributed $4794.00 to PAC.  That is an amount to be proud of for any state, we currently rank in 21st place among all the states. 
The problem with that is the per capita amount is less than $2.00 per member of the Kentucky Rural Letter Carriers' Association.  If you haven't given your $2.00, someone else has donated on your behalf.  Please consider donating something to help those who are working tirelessly to preserve your job and your family's way of life.  Watch your paycheck for any extra dollars you may gain if the tax reform passes, and then consider donating a small portion of that to the only organization that is fighting to maintain everything else you are working for.  You may make your check to NRLCA PAC and then send it to me to ensure that you and the state get proper credit for your donation.  As your PAC Chair, I look forward to making this a memorable year for the KYRLCA.  
Margie McDaniel, PAC