National General Insurance    John Hayes
You could save lots of money with National General Insurance

Recently, I heard a story from another Rural Carrier that I wanted to share with all of you.Muriel Wilson, who is a Rural Carrier in Glencoe, KY, shared her story at this year’sKYRLCA State Convention. She said that after getting a quote from National General Insurance and then switching her auto insurance to National General she saved $1,600 a year.

National General Insurance is a working partner with the NRLCA, your National Rural Letter Carrier Association.  National General can cover your house, your car, your P.O.V. on the mail route, a boat, a jet ski,or a RV. They can provide Renter’s insurance, Flood Insurance, and Umbrella Policies.  National General will write insurance for any person, not just Rural Carriers.

There is no better time than now, to see if National General could save you money.  If you saved as much as Muriel, that would be awesome. But evenIf you saved less than her, you still could have extra money for a trip, or extra money for Christmas shopping.All Rural Carriers should call for a quote, there’s no charge for comparing your current policy with National General.

Just call 1-888-325-7727 and mention code RRP to see what National General can do for you.  Even if you stay with your current insurance company and don’t switch, National General will send you a $10 visa gift card, just for calling to get a quote for insurance.

John Hayes
KYRLCA NGI Auto Representative