National General Insurance    

 As I am bringing in wood from the barn, I’m reminded that
along with the cold weather comes increased package delivery.
Customers are looking for ways to spend gift cards and tax returns.
While this is great job security, it also lengthens our time on the
road. Right now is a good time to ask yourself if you have the best
vehicle insurance while delivering mail.
National General Insurance provides the NRLCA Vehicle
Insurance Plan. It is tailored for route drivers like yourself. The
plan equips you with coverage – whether you drive once a week
or daily – and continues to protect you off the route. National
General Insurance is the only company endorsed by the NRLCA for
65 years.

Call 1-888-325-7727 and get a quote on all your vehicles.
Remember to mention the RRP code in
order to receive your free $10 gift card. The
insurance professionals are knowledgeable
and happy to assist you.

Muriel Wilson,
KYRLCA NGI Auto Representative