National Delegate Nominations
Convention Delegate Nominations Appearing below is Section 2 of Article VI of the Constitution of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. It sets forth in detail the election procedures for delegates to the national convention. This article complies with labor laws which require that national delegates must be elected by direct vote of the membership. In accordance with Section 2 of Article VI, a nominating ballot appears below: • you may nominate yourself or someone else from the organized state association in which your membership is affiliated. (Reference Article III, Section 4.A and B of the National Constitution). • Mail the completely filled out and SIGNED nominating ballot to your State Association at the pre-arranged post office box address that appears on the opposite page. A completely filled out nominating ballot is extremely important in order to determine eligibility of the person making the nomination and that of the nominee. Please print clearly as an illegible nominating ballot may cause it to be not accepted and/or returned for clarification to the person making the nomination. Section 2. Delegates A. Eligibility 1. Each state association shall be entitled to representation by one delegate for every 100 members or major fraction thereof and one Delegate-at-Large. Membership shall be based on the number of dues withholding and cash pay Bargaining Unit and Retired Members on June 30 of the Association year just ended. 2. Only Bargaining Unit Members and Retired Members in good standing may be nominated, elected or seated as delegates. Such “good standing” status shall be the sole prerequisite for determining eligibility or entitlement to service as a delegate or to any payment or benefit, except that a state may establish reasonable rules to ensure attendance at the Convention. 3. A member who accepts or acts at any time in any capacity normally performed by a manager from the end of one Convention to the end of the next Convention shall be ineligible to be nominated or serve as delegate. B. Nomination 1. Within each state association, nominations for National Delegate shall be submitted by U.S. Mail to a pre-arranged post office box on a nominating ballot or copy. The nominating ballot shall be signed and show the name and address of the member making the nomination, and may include self-nomination. The nominating ballot and instructions shall be posted on the NRLCA website and in all published issues of The National Rural Letter Carrier from December-May. 2. Nominations must be received in the prearranged post office box at least 50 days prior to the opening of the state convention. Upon receipt, the State Secretary shall send a notice of nomination to the candidate by U.S. Mail. C. Elections 1. A member must be on the rolls at least 50 days prior to the opening of the state convention in order to be eligible to vote for National Delegates. 2. The State Secretary shall prepare a ballot listing the candidates for National Delegate. Instructions on each ballot shall include the number of delegates to be elected, the deadline for return of the ballot and the mailing address of the designated post office box. The number of votes cast on each ballot shall not exceed the number of delegates to which the state association was entitled at the previous convention. 3. The State Secretary shall cause the ballot to be mailed to eligible members at least 25 days prior to the opening of the state convention. In addition, the State Secretary/ Designee shall arrange for the rental of a post office box for the receipt of the ballots and another for the return of undeliverable ballots. 4. An envelope marked “Ballot” shall be provided in which to seal the ballot. To permit verification of membership and to maintain the integrity of the voting procedure, an outer envelope, also marked “Ballot” which clearly identifies the name and address of the member, shall also be provided. The sealed envelope containing the ballot shall be placed in the outer envelope by the member and mailed to the designated post office box. 5. An Election Committee shall be appointed by the State President. No candidate for National Delegate may serve on the Election Committee. After the deadline for receipt of ballots, the Election Committee shall collect and tabulate the ballots at the state convention. The post office box designated for the return of ballots shall be accessible only to the Election Committee.

                                                   NATIONAL CONVENTION DELEGATE NOMINATING BALLOT **This form must be completed in its entirety.
                                                              Please print clearly.* I am a member of the ___________________ Rural Letter Carriers’ Association.
Signature of Member: ________________________________________________________ Name ___________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________ City ______________________ State _____________ Zip _______________ Phone______________________________________
I hereby submit the name of: _________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________ City ________________________ State _____________ Zip _______________ as a candidate for delegate to the 2020 National Convention of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. To the best of my knowledge, the above nominee qualifies under the provisions set forth in Article VI, Section 2, as cited above. Mail to the address listed for your state on the following page.