I continue to get inquiries about new scanners (MDDs) and batteries not holding out for the
whole day causing the carriers additional work duties. I understand this is more prominent in
the sites with the XGPS but hearing from others as well. Post say the batteries are guaranteed
for 12 hours a day, and that they are dying the carriers are to report this to management and
they should get new batteries for the MDD. It may take some time for management get new
batteries, but that is management problem they need to fix.
CARRIERS need to track all the actual time associated with any of these additional duties and
request compensation immediately, if you are told no or do not receive the compensation in the
next pay check then a grievance should be filed. The additional duties that require additional
compensation for actual time in minutes and seconds, but not limited to are.
 If the carrier are in one of the study office and they clock in on the scanner and then have to re-cradle the scanner and retrieve prior to leaving for the street, the time it takes to retrieve the scanner the second time should be timed.
When on the street and management makes you wait to bring another scanner out, the actual time is recorded.
When on the street and scanner dies and you are required to write down the scan number and time of delivery, actual time recorded.
 When you get back to office and then are required to enter all the information into a new scanner, actual time recorded.
  All time associated with notifying management of the issue and recording the additional
          time on PS form 4240, 8127, PS FORM 1234 (utility card also known as the green card)
      If not compensated in the next check, also record actual time notifying management
          that you were not compensated and actual time associated with filling out the grievance.
      If you have other issues that not listed above and you believe should be included, give
          one of the District Representative or one Assistant District Representative a call.