Vice President Margie McDaniel

Create the Moment 
It is extremely hard to write this article now, during the Christmas season, with all the packages, long hours, sore bodies, and wonderful chaos that is Christmas; knowing that it will not be printed and in the readers hands until those days are a Christmas past, and the memories a mere shadow in comparison to the reality of each day we are experiencing now.  I feel I must share a story of the gift that most touched my heart this year.
It was early in the season, we were in the process of delivering the packages after black Friday.  The weather was doing its' part to usher in the Christmas season, as I entered the subdivision at the third of four sections on my route, the winds had gotten up to between 30 to 40 mph.  I had four layers on top, three on bottom and three on my feet.  It wasn't enough, every time I got out to deliver a package the wind cut through all the layers and chilled me down to the bone.    
I approached one box with the flag raised and pulled open the door expecting to pick up the outgoing mail.  Instead what lay inside for me was two white paper sacks, the kind we used to get at the bakery or use for craft projects when we were little.  The first one was laying flat and was covered with stickers in no apparent pattern, and was signed Stella.  Inside was a candy cane taped to a piece of paper with a note that said, "Thank you for bringing me my mail!"  The second had the name Mattison penned in very large letters lengthwise on the sack and it was bulging from its' contents.  Inside this white paper sack was a Styrofoam cup, a white plastic spoon, an envelope of Swiss Miss milk chocolate mix that said Create the Moment and a candy cane taped to a note on red paper that said "Special delivery for you.  Thank you for bringing me my mail! Merry Christmas!"  
As you may have guessed, Stella and Mattison are much too young to have thought of and put this together by themselves, so my thanks were not only to them, but also to the two who were teaching them to appreciate the ones who serve them.  Just as that appreciation needs to be taught, so does the giving of service to all our customers.  As a trainer, I have seen hundreds of new RCA's come through the Rural Academy this last year.  When they come to our office and especially to our route, are we teaching them how to give good service?  Do we teach it by our example?  Postal Proud means providing the best service possible, so stay strong in the commitment and dedication we share as Rural Carriers and know that with each delivery the opportunity exists to create the moment in ways we may never know.  
Margie McDaniel, Vice-President