President Margie McDaniel
229 Barbara Sue Lane
Mt. Washington, KY 40047
Information Leads to Knowledge, Knowledge Leads to Action

One of the things I love most about going to a Union meeting is learning how much rural carriers are alike and how much we are different.  Having gone to the SAC Conference the last weekend in January and then attending the KYRLCA Winter Booster meeting the second weekend in February, I have seen and heard many of the same issues from other offices across other states as well as Kentucky that are present in the office I work out of.  The information provided is excellent. Updates were given on Legislation, Retirement, Health Benefits, Labor Relations and Steward Operations and new this year a Social Security seminar all provided by our experts in each field.  The Question and Answer time with our National Board and then with Management Area Representatives gave carriers the opportunity to have their specific questions answered.
In my PAC article in this issue is information on the legislation currently being introduced.  I am proud that the Rural Carriers I know became so familiar with the resolution numbers of the 115th Congress.  Beginning in January the 116th Congress took office and new resolutions started being introduced.  Here's what you need to know now:

                        H. Res. 54 expressing support for continued 6 day delivery
                        H. Res. 23 expressing the sense that the USPS continue door to door delivery
                        H. Res. 60 expressing the sense that the USPS should restore service standards to  those of July 1, 2012
                        H. Res. 33 expresses the sense that the USPS is not privatized and remains an independent establishment of the federal government

Calling your Representative to request their support is great.  Writing them a letter gives them a physical document they can look at.  To make an effort to talk to them in person is huge.  Please make time to do something this year to help save your job.  If not for yourself, do it for the junior Regular Carrier or the RCA's who are willing to serve in those positions.  If you will step up, maybe other carriers will too, and united we can accomplish great things.  Contact information for Representatives and Senators can be found at under Home then click on Senators - Representatives or click on State Officers, then click  Appointed and then click on PAC.
Margie McDaniel,President