Board Member Kyla Spencer
1491 Palma Road
Benton, KY 42025

WOW! We survived! Now to begin again! I know some of you
have lost Amazon this year after having it for several years. My
office still has it and it seems like the packages keep getting bigger
and heavier. There’s talk of losing UPS and/or FedEx but in the
meantime, it’s been a bear.
Hopefully, everyone was still able to enjoy the holidays with
family and friends. Thanksgiving and Christmas usually involve
a lot of visiting and traveling to see those family members that
don’t live close by. The holidays also involve a lot of reflection
and memories. Remember that as Postal employees, we have the
great benefit of using EAP services. This is a great benefit that is
offered to us so don’t hesitate to make that phone call if you find
yourself floundering. EAP is also available to anyone that lives in
your household and can be utilized year-round.
Meanwhile, we are starting a brand-new
year! Would really like to see everyone of you
at a meeting in this brand-new year.
Kyla Spencer,
KYRLCA Chairman of the Board

Kyla Spencer, KYRLCA Board