Board Member Kevin Ritchie
528 Tatato Trail
Frankfort, KY 40601
It’s That Time Again

Springtime is around the corner and that means it’s time for Spring District meetings. This is the time to join other rural carriers in your area and elect officers to lead the District for the next year. This is also the meeting where your resolutions and constitution changes are introduced and voted upon. This is your voice to our Association leaders about what you think needs to be changed about our craft. If any of these are passed at District level, they will move to the State and if passed there, they will move on to the National level. The District level is where it all begins. To be able to have your voice heard and be able to vote you must be a member of the Kentucky Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. Not a member? Have ideas about how to help your rural craft family? Now is the time to become a member of your union. Join in our effort to make our craft better.
With spring comes warmer weather and the need to check over your vehicle thoroughly. Check out the brakes and your tires. How about those windshield wipers? This winter has been rough on all the mechanical and moving parts on your car. Get it checked out and be ready for the hot weather of summer. If you drive an LLV, make sure you are doing daily inspections. When you find something not working, please make sure you write it up on a PS Form 4565, the Vehicle Repair Tag. If you feel it is unsafe, don’t drive it. Report it. Of course, if driving your personal car for delivery, make sure it is safe to drive and make any repairs that are necessary. Keep your POV in top running order so you will not be breaking down out on the route. Preventative maintenance is the key to not getting stranded.
Above all, work safely. Don’t be speedy at the cost of being safe. Don’t take unsafe shortcuts. Do your job as safely as possible and make it back home in the afternoon to your family. Please, please, please. Safety! Safety! Safety! Drive defensively!

Kevin Ritchie, KYRLCA Board Member