Board Member John Hayes
4200 San Marcos Road
Louisville, KY 40299
Giving you a voice, the best thing the KYRLCA does

I want to encourage you to consider attending a meeting or seminar. Going to a Local District Meeting or a Carrier Seminar is a great way to gain information. In this newsletter there is a schedule of the local meetings being hosted in your district. During the upcoming year the State Board and the Stewards will host a Carrier Seminar each month in a different area of Kentucky. 

In January, there were 2 Seminars held (one in Dry Ridge, KY and one in Calvert City, KY).  Both Seminars had over 30 people in attendance and Carriers were given opportunities to interact with Stewards and ask questions about their jobs.  In February, the State Board and Stewards held a Carrier Seminar in Morehead. There were over 25 people in attendance for that.

Five years ago, I went to my first local meeting.  A friend and fellow carrier in my office, Bob Weller, encouraged me to go.Getting involved changed my perspective on the union. First, I was elected to be a Local Steward. Later, I was elected as a Local District President and then I was elected as a State Board Member.  For me, meeting and getting to know other Rural Carriers around the state has been my favorite thing about getting involved with the union.

From the first Carrier Seminar I attended, I realized the value in it. The Carrier Seminar creates an environment for people to ask questions and get them answered. They area place for Rural Carriers to meet face to face with Stewards and other Rural Carriers. The Carrier Seminar allows you an opportunity to be heard and learn information that can help you at work.

 I urge you to look at the calendar of events in this newsletter and look for a meeting or seminar close to you to attend.

John Hayes
KYRLCA Board Member