President Jane Virgin

Making It Worthwhile 
  Greetings to you and hoping 2018 brings opportunities to you to set and reach goals.  I want to encourage you to be more involved with association meetings throughout the year.  Information is crucial for every member to obtain.  Please take the time to go to the Winter State Meeting in Bardstown.  The town is rich in historical sites and My Old Kentucky Home State Park.
  I also want to remind you it’s not too early to be making plans to attend the retirement seminar in October in Shepherdsville.  If retirement is years away or in just a few it pays to know if you have the correct information necessary to make getting ready to retire the most beneficial for you and your family.  I will be in the category of less than five years by this fall.  I want to listen closely to anything I should be doing to maximize my last few service years.  I desire that for you, too.  
  As plans are being made to achieve goals for this New Year, I wish to reflect on a few things of the past.  Strength is drawn from people who make life richer and fuller. Future endeavors for the association depend on several factors with one of them being able to recognize and appreciate those who have given themselves to preserve and protect the foundation with sincere dedication and service.  I would like to share a few thoughts about two association members that made the KYRLCA proud.  
  David Darrell was smart, full of laughter, yet serious when he needed to be for occasion.  I will certainly miss his presence.  He was well versed in the business proceedings of the association.  David worked very hard for this association.  I had a hard time understanding how free Saturdays worked.  I asked a few people to explain and received various answers.  The best advice I was told was go ask David.  He took his time to explain how it worked.  David made sure I knew exactly what was needed to make it work.  He even made me repeat it back to him.  He was patient with every question I brought his way.  David had a kind heart for his fellow man.  It was my honor and privilege to call him my dear friend.  
  Frankie Hunt is deserving of my heart felt acknowledgement.  I am thankful he has been there to answer the many questions I have brought to his attention.  He certainly has been a great asset to our association.  I know he will enjoy retirement and deserves recognition for a job well done.  Frankie is my friend and his knowledge and concern for this association is much appreciated. I will never forget Frankie training us as local stewards.  
KYRLCA members make every day worthwhile.  Hope to see you soon. 
Jane Virgin, President