President Jane Virgin
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See Ewe in Shepherdsville

The Fall State Meeting is planned for October 6-7, 2018 at the Paroquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville, KY. Sunday we are pleased to have Joni Montroy presenting two seminars. The morning session is on TSP and the afternoon session is on Retirement. I have had the privilege to hear her speak. Joni is very knowledgeable on both topics. Whether you are a new carrier or have several years of experience, you might be surprised to learn better ways to invest with TSP and develop your best strategy to retire at the ideal time specifically for you.
The decision to have our Fall Meeting in Shepherdsville was to provide a centralized location to give opportunity for all members to attend. The city is located just south of Louisville and just north of Elizabethtown. The conference center is just off Interstate 65 and next to the Sleep Inn. Numerous restaurants are nearby.
Shepherdsville is named after Adam Shepherd, a well to do businessman who purchased in 1793 the land near the Falls of Salt River. The town is the oldest in Bullitt County and is the county seat. In 1836, a mineral water spa called Paroquet Springs opened. The water was believed to have medicinal properties, so many people came to drink and bathe in the mineral water.
Please plan to be at the Fall State Meeting. I looked up a little information on sheep since our meeting is the village for shepherds. Contrary to some descriptions, sheep are smart mammals, can remember at least 50 individual sheep and humans for years, make different sounds to communicate different emotions, highly independent at birth and like to be in a group. So, what better place to have our Fall Meeting, TSP and Retirement Seminars than in a town where others long ago came to find help. I am not truly comparing members to sheep but the good descriptions of sheep plus knowing the ewes show extreme love for their lambs makes me still ask you to join the flock.