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 District A Invites You
Veterans Day Parade November 12, 2018
District A invites all carriers that are veterans and their families to join us in the
Veterans Day Parade in Paducah, Kentucky. Festivities for the Paducah Veterans Day Parade
begins at 9:30 am with Honoring 9/11 Memorial with a 10:15 am ceremony at  the
Korean War Memorial. Parade will be at 11:00 am. We ask all carriers to join us at the
Dolly McNutt Plaza by 10:30 am. The location of  Dolly McNutt Plaza is two blocks from the
Main post office in Paducah, 300 South 4th Street Paducah, Kentucky. Plenty of parking is
 located here at the post office or there is public parking located at 4th and Broadway.
All you need for this event is a wave and smile.
Please join us to honor the veterans we work beside every day. District A will provide the
float and candy needed for the day. Great fellowship was had by all last year and I'd like
to see it double this year.
Contact Ashley Baker at 270-559-1224 for questions or if you plan to attend.
We would like a general headcount by November 9, 2018. Hope to see everyone there.

Rallie Information For Kentucky Districts
Rallies by all 4 postal unions (NALC, APWU, NRLCA, and NPMHU) was held October 8
throughout the country to say no to privatizing the Postal Service.These rallies were supported
by your fellow carriers and workers of the USPS. Below are some pictures of your local carriers
and some from other states supporting the rallies.

Supporters at
Bowling Green, KY

Evansville Supporters                                                                                                      Oregon Carriers'


   Washington State Supporters





 S. Res 633 Introduced
UPDATE – H. Res 993 now has 219 cosponsors. Yeah! Past the majority.  S. Res 633 is up to 41, 10 more to go to reach majority

On September 18, 2018, Senator McCaskill introduced S. Res 633 -  a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that Congress should take all appropriate measures to ensure that the United States Postal Service remains an independent establishment of the Federal Government and is not subject to privatization.  The bill currently has 27 cosponsors.  Please contact your Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and request they cosponsor this bill.
This bill is the Senate version of the House of Representatives resolution H. Res 993, which currently has 196 cosponsors.  Of those only Representative John Yarmuth has signed as a cosponsor for Kentucky.  Please contact your Representative and request they support you by signing as a cosponsor.  I have already delivered political mail from my Representative requesting my vote in the Fall elections.  I am looking forward to supporting anyone who is willing to support me.
S. Res 663 has 32 cosponsors in only 6 days.   It was introduced on 9/18/18 and on 9/26/18 had 32 cosponsors.  The Senate majority is 51.

The House version H. Res 993 as of 9/26/18 has 204 cosponsors.  The House majority is 218.

Of the Kentucky Senators and Representatives only Representative John Yarmuth has cosigned on these bills.  Please contact your Representative and the KY Senators to ask them to cosponsor these bills to protect the United States Postal Service from privatization.