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What Stimulus Package ?
USPS is essential and should be included with the stimulus package due to COVID 19.
ALL of you need to contact  the Congress and Senate and voice your right. As an ESSENTIAL 
we should not be forgotten. The employees of the USPS are on the front line every day. We are
still doing our job  and being exposed everyday. We deserve to be included, call 
Get all COVID19 updates and standup talks at the NRLCA site .

Regular & PTF - $625.00 or $24.04 per pay period
Relief carriers  -  $250.00 or  $9.62 per pay period
Retiree            -  $114.00 or $9.50 per month
Associate members - same as Regular carriers
Associate retiree - same as Retirees

Bring a Member Competition
Let's play a game KYRLCA! We are holding a drawing at the 2020 KYRLCA State
Convention in Louisville, KY next June and you want in on this! We will be giving away a
$100 gift card to one lucky winner on the Sunday at the State Convention. All you need to 
do to get in on the competition is bring a "uninvolved" KYRLCA union member (new or old)
to the meetings, conferences, etc. For each member you encourage to come and/or bring
you will be put in the drawing! But with that said, here are the rules.
  •       A uninvolved member defines, for this game only, as, a member of the KYRLCA
                whom has never attended a meeting or hasn't attended  a meeting in the last
                3 years. (This will be virified).
  •       Carrier Seminars and District Meetings will get you 1 chance per every 
                 "uninvolved member".
  •        Fall Meeting, Winter Meeting, South Atlantic Conference, and the State Convention
                   will get you 2 chances per every "uninvolved" member.
  •        You may give your chance to the member also.
  •         Must be present at the 2020 KYRLCA State Convention to win.
  •        Competition officially starts this Fall Meeting in Glasgow and ends Sunday at the 
                  2020 State Convention.
    Remember the more you recruit to the meeting more chances you have to win!








**This form must be completed in its entirety.   Please print clearly.*
 I am a member of the ___________________ Rural Letter Carriers’ Association.
Signature of Member: ________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
City ______________________ State _____________ Zip _______________
I hereby submit the name of: _________________________________________
Address ____________________________________
City__________________________________  State _____________ Zip _______________
as a candidate for delegate to the 2020 National Convention of the
National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. To the best of my knowledge,
the above nominee qualifies under the provisions set forth in Article VI, Section 2. 

Any rural carrier who intends to serve as a delegate to state or national
convention and is unable to workor is working in a limited duty capacity due
to a job-related injury or illness needs to be cautious andensure that no
Postal Service or Department of Labor regulations are violated. Your national
officersadvise anyone in the above situation to obtain explicit medical
clearance from his/her doctor regardingthe individual’s physical ability to travel
and to participate in the state or national convention. The doctorshould
write that such activity is specifically in accordance with the physical
restrictions previously givento the Postal Service and the Office of
Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP).
Every carrier needs to be aware that traveling and participating in a
convention might be considered bythe Postal Service or OWCP as
evidence that the carrier is able to perform limited duty work.Furthermore,
if a delegate is receiving any wage loss compensation from OWCP, any money
suchdelegate receives and any volunteer work he/she performs must be
reported to OWCP. The type ofexpense reimbursement normally paid
to most delegates will help to ensure no loss of compensationand that
no discipline will be issued by Postal management
.From the NRLCA Officers’ Resource Manual & Policies
Payment of Retroactive Salary  
Step 4 Grievance Filed on Delayed Retro Payments

On February 21, 2020, the Postal Service notified the NRLCA that
the contractual retro payment would be delayed once again due to
programming issues within the system. This delay would cause the retro
payment to be processed and paid on May 15, 2020.
The National Agreement was ratified on August 6, 2019. This latest
delay would cause rural carriers to wait some forty weeks before
receiving the retro payment.
This delay is inexcusable, excessive, unreasonable, and
unprecedented. Rural carriers have been harmed by being deprived
of these required retro payments.
The Postal Service has unjustly enjoyed an interest windfall as
rural carriers have waited patiently and had to forgo or delay financial
decisions, losing out on the opportunity to accrue interest and realize
other gains through their TSP contributions and other investments.
The Postal Service has not kept its contractual promise and we intend
to enforce the National Agreement at Step 4 or in National Arbitration.

National Mobile App
The new NRLCA mobile app is now available for both Apple and Android devices.
Go to Apple (App Store) or Google Play and search for NRLCA to download the free
official NRLCA mobile app.
If you have a current NRLCA website log-in you will use the same log-in for the mobile app.
If you do not have a current website log-in, you can create a log-in through the
NRLCA Mobile App.
We highly recommend that you allow for notifications as the NRLCA will be
sending out important updates.
Your National Board