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Ode to David Darrell

The KYRCA has lost a Faithful Member, Dedicated Carrier and a Friend to many people in KY and other states as well. We said goodbye to David on November 23, 2017, after a short illness.  
Many fond memories flood my thoughts and bring smiles to my face when I say:
“Remembering When”

Because of his desire to be a Rural Carrier, he gave up benefits as a PTF City Carrier and became a 73 Sub.
After making Regular, he was so proud that he carried Route 2 for 26 years.
His unusual situation was that his membership had been in three different Districts due to re-districting.
He was a District Officer in all three Districts. 
He served on the State Board: (Board Member, Vice President, and President) 
How well I remember his concerns on the financial condition of the Association from the very first time he started attending state meetings when I was serving as State Secretary-Treasurer.
He served on the Audit committee several times and I was challenged more times than one for documentation for an expense.    He was instrumental in serving on the first modern day Budget Committee. Our first Budget Committee was at my home, after a meal of Chili and Vegetable Soup we completed a proposed budget.
It is hard to describe the time and energy that David gave to support Betty Goodrich and Scottie Hicks when they were National Officers. From pulling trailers, to helping with making the rounds on Caucus Night and Receptions. David was always there and made hard work a lot of fun!
Smiles come to my face, when I think about David and his dress code when he was on the Board. He like his sweat pants in the winter and shorts in the summer. He finally agreed to Business Causal for the Association’s Business Sessions.
What I want to always remember about my relationship with David was, we agreed to dis-agree and not let our disagreements effect our Friendship. The last time we talked, he reminded me how much this meant to him and how he valued our Friendship.
 Rest in Peace David, see you on the other side