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 Joan Chowning  T

Recently, our State President requested that Frankie Hunt and the Historian research the History of the original State Banner that a lot of us remember. A few years ago, this Banner had been misplaced and had to be replaced. Now that it has been found just this past year, it was noticed that there was an in-scription on the Banner as follows: Complements of W J and E Barnes 1962.
Now that date was before either of us was active in the Union. However, the name Barnes certainly rang a bell. We both re-called a James and Ella Barnes from District H that was active in the Union, especially in their District. As we remember, James was a carrier in the Monticello Post office and Ella was active in the Auxiliary’ After many phone calls to Auxiliary and Association members we didn’t find any additional information to verify our memories.
In researching the years of 1962-63 there were several articles in the National Magazine about the KY Association and the reports of the State Association, local unit meetings and the Auxiliary meetings, but no mention of the presentation of the Banner. The Auxiliary was very faithful in submitting articles to the National Magazine.
Just another notes of interest: when Frankie Hunt was President, the KY Banner was damaged at a National Convention by the people that were responsible for the hanging and the taking down of all the banners. Of course, they were to be responsible to cover the cost of repairs, but never followed up with this responsibility. Thanks to Linda Hunt for the necessary repairs to make the Banner as good as new.
If anyone has any additional information about the History of the KY Banner that dates to 1962 please let me know.

Joan P Chowning, KYRLCA Historian