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Song of the Rural Carrier

Come listen, Rural Carriers, to this sad tale of woe
How I started picking pennies
Some several years ago
I started in one morning
A-picking pennies bright,
And I dreamed of picking pennies
Through the wee small hours of night
Chorus: Picking pennies from a tin can, pennies in a rag, pennies from a cuspidor; pennies from a keg.
Pennies stuck in chewing gum; pennies froze in snow. Picking pennies, pennies, pennies everywhere I go.
The first box I came to
I stopped and almost swore;
The next one, I remember,
I said a few words more
The third one I was angry
And very red of face
And further on my journey
I “slipped and fell from grace”
You oft have heard the saying,
“There’s a man who’s got the stamps
But whenever I hear it mentioned,
I’ve a spell of chronic cramps.
For there’s a rich old geezer
With the” shekels and the dough”
But a stamp for paying postage,
He never has to show.
Chorus: But it's pennies in a tin can, pennies in a rag, pennies in a cuspidor, pennies in a
bag; Pennies stuck in chewing gum, pennies froze in snow, but a stamp for paying postage
he’ll never show. We are told “from little pennies the mighty dollars grow” But I guess
where I’ve been working, the season’s cold or slow.

My how times have changed! There are several more versus to this, maybe I can share more in a future article!
Joan Chowning, KYRLCA Historian

Joan P Chowning, KYRLCA Historian