Editor  Ashleigh New

Some people earn your respect, some people don’t. Some people get our respect because of the position they have instead of the person they are. You get lucky when the person in the office has your respect for both. Jeanette Dwyer has earned both from me. Over the years I had respect for a woman I did not know simply for what she accomplished and for the position she was as National President of the Rural Letter Carriers. Over the years my small encounters of a smile and simple hello turned into her knowing my name, home state and who my father is . I have been sworn in for state delegation by her, sat at lunch with officers from every level of the Association discussing the matters that affect carriers everyday of the week.
When I saw her in Nashville, TN in Presidential Beast mode during the 2016 National Convention my respect level went up 100 notches. Here this woman has accomplished what no other woman has in our Association. She is first woman President of the NRLCA- of any postal union for that matter. She was just a woman who cared about her job, cared about right and wrong, cared about the changes/challenges affecting carriers across her state, cared enough to be an active union member. Some how some way her path took her to this office. I don’t know if she had goals or dreams of this happening or if it just happened over the years. What I know is she did the utmost job of improving anything and everything she could for the better of the carriers of this association. I know I am blessed to have met her, see her as the woman she is -the rural carrier not the President of the NRLCA. I know that seeing her in action gave me ideas and ambitions I did not have prior to this day. I know that she tends to always surprise me. In Michigan of 2018, she stated "I did not do this job for the accolades, I did it for the love I have for this association." Just like that her Presidency came to close. Respect.
I saw her again in January 2019 at SAC in Georgia—we smiled in the hall - then had chat of how life has treated her since stepping down and returning to the great state of North Carolina and her twice rescheduled Welcome Home Party! We laughed about hurricanes and she simply stated she is home carry-ing her route just being Jeanette. At this moment my respect jumped again—over the years I’ve heard her promise about carrying mail again one day and working under the RRECS system she spent countless years working on during her tenure as President. Many have commented that was just something she told the body and it would never happen. I simply loved that she is a woman of her word—she served the association she gave to our association and she gave it all with many sacrifices and blessings along the way. You never know where your life will lead. She simply took job and it led her to President and now she is just back at the job but the RRECS may never happen Thank you for being woman of your word—thank you for the love of this association. There are more women like you to carry us forward the path you burned is respected and will forever be honored.
So, where is your job going to lead you? Mine has led to places I never dreamed of while sitting through orientation. Take role you never know what will happen.
Ashley Baker, KYRLCA Editor