Secretary/Treasurer Donna Cissell
1484 Pine Creek Trail
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
   Donna serves as the state secretary of the association. She lives in Shepherdsville with her husband Noel and their dog Bella.
Food for Thought

Past, Present & Future
Donna Cissell, Secretary/Treasurer
There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present.” 
There has been a lot of “history” since our last newspaper.  The 2018 State Convention was successful in Erlanger, KY.  We had a total of 11 first time attendees at the convention.  A 50 year award was presented to Ruth Kemper, Worthville by President Jane Virgin and National Vice President Ronnie Stutts.  Jack Cason, Florence, one of our 60 year members also attended and had his picture made with Ronnie.  It was a great experience for all present.
July brought our annual District Officer training held this year in Bardstown, KY.  This event has been successful in starting the new Association year by working together to set goals, learn from each other and address problems that may come up in the future.  Attending was 21 of our 24 District Officers.  Doing the electronic filing of the LM4 reports has been come an annual event at this training.  Kentucky has led the nation in having our reports done on time and correctly for several years.  Good job!
August is National Convention month.  Kentucky was represented by 28 elected delegates and 2 alternate delegates in Grand Rapids, MI for the 114th National NRLCA Convention.  Frankie Hunt, Jane Virgin and Kathy Short served as Sargent at Arms while I served on the Credentials/Mileage and Per Diem Committee.  I accepted 2 awards for membership growth. We all participated in the democratic process of debating, amending proposals and voting for the good of the rural carriers across this nation.  Kentucky sent 5 resolutions for debate.  Of those 4 passed.  Some of the delegates attending had watched as the resolution moved from their District up to the State and finally to the National Convention floor for debate.  How awesome. 
What does the future hold?  Some of it is a mystery but we do have some definite plans as well.  October will bring the fall meeting and TSP/Retirement seminars.  We are already planning carrier seminars for the upcoming months.  Several Districts are planning fall events.  Plan on attending.  The State Board is working hard to be responsive to what you have asked for in the replies from our surveys.  We can plan, but only you can make it successful. 
The gift of today is probably different for each of us.  I have set some goals as your State Secretary/Treasurer as well as personally.  I want to see us increase not just the number of members listed on a roster but the participation of those members in learning more about their careers.  I love talking to the new hire RCAs at orientation.  They are so thirsty for knowledge.  They want to know everything immediately.  With the new time study information coming out, our meetings and seminars should be packed.  But will they be?  Will carriers stay home and let someone else do the listening and learning?  Will they be satisfied with the information gained on the internet or via gossip in the office?  Will they wait for the Post Master or Supervisor to tell them what is going on with their jobs?  When did we lose that enthusiasm for learning in your careers?  For some of us, the answer is never.  I still go and learn.  I still listen to what is being said and by whom.  I still participate and give back.  Join me. 
In a moment of personal privilege: I would like to thank those who have sent cards and prayers since my Mother had her stroke in July.  She is doing great.  The Doctor is amazed at how she is recovering.  We believe it is the power of prayer. 
Be Blessed.