Secretary/Treasurer Donna Cissell
1484 Pine Creek Trail
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
   Donna serves as the state secretary of the association. She lives in Shepherdsville with her husband Noel and their dog Bella.
“Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.”
Woody Allen

Recently I was out of my office for a few days of down time. My husband Noel & I enjoyed being away from work and just relaxing. But wait you say, aren’t you retired? Why do you need time away? As strange as it may seem to the causal observer, I am busier than ever with my life, a job and responsibilities. You see, I never quit
showing up for my life’s duties. This is not a complaint; it is just a fact. I love my life, my family and my job.
Why is showing up only 70%? You have to ask questions, so you know what is expected of you. Ask anyone who knows me; I will ask questions until I completely understand what is being taught. You must practice until life allows you to move on to something new. Life is not stagnant but alive with movement and growth.
There is so much beauty in learning new things, going new places and meeting new friends. Why would you not want to continue to stretch yourself and your horizons? What does this have to do with being a member of our Union? Ask yourself, are you sitting still, waiting on someone to spoon feed you the information you need as a rural carrier (no matter where you are in your career)? When you get back to the office after a long day and the boss is waiting with demands that seem unreasonable, do you just walk away and forget until the next
time? Do you know when you can speak up and defend yourself or are you okay with the status quo? If every carrier gained 1 item of new knowledge a week, think how strong our Union would be.

Ask yourself these questions:
• When is the last time I got a raise?
• When will I get the next one?
• As a regular carrier, what happens if I work more than 40
hours in a week?
• Where can I find a summary of the hours paid on my check?
• Who do I call about a situation in my office?
• What is a PS Form 1187? PS Form 8191? PS Form 50?
• If I am hurt on the way to work, am I covered by OWCP?

If you know all these answers, you get to go to the head ofthe class! If not, maybe you need to plan on attending the next meeting, carrier seminar or training to get some answers. Beware however of getting information that has not been vetted properly or from an unreliable source. Bad information is sometime worse than no information at all. That is why the Kentucky State Board has an official website as well as a closed
group on Facebook. There is too much rogue information flying across this country about rural carriers and their jobs. Knowledge is a major key to success. Investing some time into getting correct answers is exactly that; an investment. It’s your job, your career, what are you going to do with it?

Donna Cissell, KYRLCA Secretary/