John Hayes
     4200 San Marcos Rd.
     Louisville, KY 40229-1406

 Vice President:
     Barbie Sharp
     364 Norwwod Way
     Louisville, KY 40229-3354

     David Miller- 502-558-6974
     PO Box 43642
     Louisville, KY 40253

Board Assigned Officer
Kim Harrell - 270-230-7175







District E
 Bullitt, Jefferson, Oldham, Spencer, Trimble.
District E - 200 Members

On Sunday, April 14, 2019, District E held it's annual spring meeting at the Hillview Public Library. John Hayes (President), Barbara Sharp (Vice President), and David Miller (Secretary/Treasurer) were elected as Officers of District E. We each look forward to serving District E during the 2019/2020 term. Thank you, members of district E, for your confidence in us.
David Miller
District E Secretary Treasurer