Delegate Information
Kentucky Rural Letter Carriers’ Association Election Notice
A secret ballot election for the Delegates of the Kentucky Rural Letter Carriers’ Association to the 2019 NRLCA National Convention to be held in Grapevine, TX on August 11-15, 2019 is being conducted by mail. Any eligible member who has not received a ballot or any member who spoils a ballot may request a new ballot by contacting Election Co-Chairperson Rebekah Zemo at (859)618-7376.  If you request and return another ballot, only the replacement ballot will be counted.

Changes ToThe National Delegate Nominating Procedure
I want to notify everyone about some changes in procedure this year to comply with the National Office and the US Department of Labor.  Due to a National Constitution change, we had to rent a PO Box much earlier, so that National could print the box number for nominations in the November/December issue of The National Rural Letter Carrier magazine.
Mailing of nominations is the same, but the timeliness of the state secretary notifying you that your name has been submitted or acknowl­edging your self-nomination will not be as quick. It will get quicker as we reach the May 1 nomination deadline.
Instructions for nominations were printed in the November/De­cember issue of the National Magazine and will be published in each succeeding issue through May. For the integrity of the election process, state secretaries, especially those on the ballot, are asked to no longer have access to the PO Boxes and have to wait until the Election Commit­tee members can empty the PO Box, record the nominations and then present them to the state secretary to verify membership standings.
The PO Box was opened in December and the committee members are now starting to check it more frequently as nominations are slowly coming in. You will receive a post card signifying that your nomination was received once I get and verify standings. The first ones were mailed the third week in February. The rest of the post cards will be mailed as I receive the nominations.
I want everyone to be aware of these changes, as I have already been receiving inquiries. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at or 502-921-0079.

Donna Cissell
Kentucky RLCA Secretary/Treasurer

Nomination & Election of Delegates to the State & National Conventions
State Nominations/Delegates
Article III Section 1.A of the Kentucky Rural Letter Carriers’ Association Constitution states:
“This Association shall be composed of its officers and members of good standing within the state. 
A “member in good standing” is a member who has made timely payment of dues and has not
voluntarily withdrawn, been expelled or suspended by the Association.” 
Article III Section 1.E addresses those rural carriers who have acted in a managerial or
supervisory position in the last year. 
This is the criteria for being elected as a voting delegate from your
District to the State Convention.  Nominations for delegate to the State Convention
should be sent to the District Secretary/Treasurer or the District President at the
address listed in this newspaper.  Nominating prior to the spring meetings allows the
Secretary/Treasurer to create a ballot to use for voting.  If you do not send your nomination
in prior to the meeting, you are allowed to self-nominate at the meeting.  You must be present
to accept the nomination if it is done at the meeting.  If elected as a delegate to the State Convention,
you will receive notice prior to the convention of your status. 
Rooms at State Convention
Unless notified by the State Secretary/Treasurer that you have a reservation
for the State Convention in Owensboro, KY,
you will need to make your own hotel reservations. 
That information is available at
National Convention Nominations/Delegates
Article VI of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association Constitution address
Delegate eligibility, nomination and election.  Published in the National magazine
is the official nomination form.  As a member in good standing, you may nominate
another NRLCA member or yourself by following the instructions in the magazine. 
These instructions are also available on the Kentucky website at
 National Convention delegates is an election by mail and is handled different from
the State Convention delegate election.  Nominations for National Delegate close
Wednesday May 1, 2019.  Following that a ballot is created, printed and mailed to
the current membership.  Members have until June 20, 2019 to return their voted ballot. 
Delegates are announced at the State Convention. 
Nomination for State Convention Delegate does not automatically nominate you for
National Convention Delegate.  These are separate actions.

Rooming information at National Convention
I would advisemaking convention hotel reservations as soon as the room block is available.
I WILL NOT be making reservations for the delegates.  The Appropriations Committee will
report the financial reimbursement to the National Convention delegates (if any) at the
State Convention in Owensboro, KY.  It is better for you as a potential National Convention
delegate to make a reservation and then cancel it if you do not need it, then to wait until
the last minute and try to get a room.