2019 KYRLCA State Convention Committees

Appropriations - John Hayes, Chairman; Doug Miller, Evanna Perkins, Donna Cissell, Marlissa Drury    

Auditing - Steve Roberts, Chairman;
John Hayes, Joan Chowning, Sandy Holt, Geralda Smith

Banquet - Cathy Grimes, Chairman;
Ashley Baker, Elizabeth Angle

Budget & Finance - Kevin Ritchie, Chairman; Margie McDaniel, Kyla Spencer, Donna Cissell (resource person)

Constitution - Kim Harrell, Chairman; Rebekah Zemo, Curtis Nason

Credentials - Emily Sands, Chairman;
Ann Molen, Jenny Shive         

Election– Nominations Deanna Greenwell  Co-chairman William Hicks, Deandra Hurley, Caitlin McIntrye
Tabulation Rebekah Zemo Co-chairman, Tyler Clements, Marilsa Drury
Memorial Service - Billy Clapp, Chairman; Keith Cannon, Scott Barnes

National General Insurance –
John Hayes, Representative;
Assistant Larry Baker

Oak Leaf Society–
Joan Chowning, Chairman;
Frankie Hunt, Kyla Spencer, Sandy Holt
Outstanding Member–
Danny Turner, Chairman;
Ashley Baker, Scott Barnes

Political Action Committee (PAC)–
Margie McDaniel, Chairman;
Assistants Bob Weller & Gary Hawkins

Provident Guild–
Stephanie Endicott, Representative; Assistant Mary Jo Anderson

Registration - Delois Parsons, Chairman
& members of District B

Resolutions - Barbie Sharp, Chairman; Evanna Perkins, Cyndi Hilton,
Stephanie Endicott

Sergeant-At-Arms - Kathy Short, Chairman
Saturday  Rebekah Zemo, Todd Dunn, Larry Baker & Curtis Nason - Sunday Arnold Lucas, Connie McNeese, Jennifer Butler & Rick Lewis
Tellers - Teresa Taylor-Hatfield, Chairman; Delois Parsons, Melissa Carter, Pam Shaffer, Carrie Drury

Time & Place - Margie McDaniel, Chairman; members of the state board