Chaplain  Billy Clapp

Difficult circumstances can bring us closer or drive us further from God.  There will always be the "whys" with no answers.  On Thanksgiving Day we lost past President and Board Member David Darrell.  I visited with David in the hospital not long before his passing and received a call from him a few days later.  In a weakened voice he thanked me for the visit and we talked briefly.  I asked if his circumstances had driven him further or closer to God and without hesitation he replied "closer".  At his funeral service I had the honor of speaking and told this story:  While I was working at a convenience store several years ago a man began telling me about how well insured he was with health, life, auto and disability insurance.  After listening awhile I posed the question to him "but do you have soul insurance?"  
David had that soul insurance.   While it came with a high price, it was paid in full by a man whose birthday we celebrate every December.  If you are without it, please don't hesitate to accept it.  He's just a prayer away.  God Bless.