Chaplain  Byron "Sug"  Brashear

 What a Year!
New Beginnings
As I sit here and write, we are in preparations for the peak season, but I must look beyond that. It has been said, “This too shall pass!” And so it is with peak season. By the time you read
this, it shall have passed, thank God! But now that brings on something new – a brand-new year. A year with new possibilities, new hope, new vision, and maybe a new outlook.
It is a time of making new year resolutions, such as losing weight, saving more money, exercising more, quiting a bad habit, or maybe even eating healthier. But it is my experience that I have never been able to keep any of my resolutions. Beginning with this past April, I decided that in order to be healthier, I needed to lose weight. I have done quite well as I have now lost 60 pounds. However, I am at a plateau and I fear that I may regain some weight.
Why is it that we can’t seem to continue with our resolutions? Do we get bored? Do we begin to dread what it is we are trying to accomplish? Do we grow weary and tired? Probably
a little of all of these, but I believe it’s because we need a reasonto do that which we are trying, we need hope! Hope that we can finish the course! Hope is what we need in order to have a Happy New Year. As the saying goes, “Hope springs eternal.” I believe this is very true
especially in the life of a Christian. It is Christ that gives us that hope; hope of a better tomorrow, hope of a life worth living. Do you have the living hope of Christ in your life? If not, then maybe you should consider that today as a New Year resolution. Maybe you have drifted away from God and need to return to that blessed hope of Christ. Either way, it can be a
year of new beginnings and henceforth be a great new year!

In service to Him
Sug, KYRLCA Chaplain