Chaplain  Billy Clapp


Some decisions have little consequence like the everyday decisions we make about what to wear, eat, etc. There are times though when the moment that we are in could have a long-lasting impact on our future for good or bad. An error in judgement can result in an accident or an impulsive move in the wrong direction can lead to devastation. God has given us His Word as a roadmap. He has given us an inner sense of what is right and wrong. To deliberately go down a path of wrong choices will always bring heartache and sorrow. Sometimes the result may be delayed but without doubt we eventually reap what we sow. Your choices not only impact you but also your family and possibly generations to come.
Whether it is moral integrity in your marriage or honesty in your personal business matters, remember that nothing goes unseen by God. When we choose to do what we know to be good and right then we can have confidence of God's blessing on our lives. When we deliberately choose to make selfish wrong choices then we can expect correction. God forgives and restores, and He can lessen the impact of wrong choices if we ask for His mercy and help. If you find yourselves in that critical moment of decision, give yourselves the time to count the cost and impact of your choice. If you have made a bad decision and are paying the price, then ask for God's grace and mercy. Remember that He loves you and will always help you in those critical moments of decision.

God Bless,
Billy Clapp, KYRLCA Chaplain