Come to the Seminar
Ask your questions

  The Carrier Information Seminar are small seminars being held across the state. The seminar will last two hours and will be geared to answering your questions. A steward will be on hand to give you the latest information. You do not have to belong to the union to attend. Each seminar begins promply at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m.
 These seminars are open to all carries and will be based on a fifty mile radius of the meeting site. A letter will be sent to all carriers in the radius with an invite to attend the meeting.We listened to you about not wanting a structured meeting. No elections or someone wanting you to take a job. This is about giving you the tools you need for your job. Please make plans to join us on this journey of knowledge.

September 18  Pikeville 
Hampton Inn 831 Hambley Blvd Pikeville

October 5 Shepherdsville
Bullitt Co Library 127 N Walnut St Shepherdsville

November 8 Stanford
Kentucky Depot Restaurant 119 Metker Trail
You can order dinner from the restaurant at 5:30 before the seminar

December 4 Williamstown area