Vice President Ashley Baker

The front cover of our magazine is a radiant blue Tree of Life. Most in this state bleed blue – a few red.
In either case we are the tree. Our roots are from the retirees, regular carriers and relief positions: RCA,
RCR, PTF or ARC. The trunk of the tree is our Association. KYRCLA is made up all members of our
great state. Our branches are the benefits of membership: memberonly events, RCBP, Provident Guild,
NGI, four issues of KYRLCA, our Facebook group, the 12 issues of the NRLCA magazine and access
to the NRLCA app. Firsthand knowledge from trained stewards and officers instead “well in my
office.” The leaves are every question, every scenario the USPS throws to the rural craft and every
grievance that is handled within the nation. Each year our tree grows deeper into its foundation.
It sheds it leaves in the fall ready to hibernate during the jolly holly season and prepares itself for
buds in the spring to be strong, beautiful and fruitful as we round into summer for the harvest at State and National Convention. Why is this so important? Well, our radiant blue Tree of Life only thrives through the members being involved. Filing grievances, taking on positions on District or State levels or becoming local stewards in offices that don’t have one. Do you attend any portion of a State held meetings in your area? Even if it's just for a quick
minute instead of a fleeting thought of "I wonder what’s happening in there." It can truly change your
whole demeanor on meetings and your UNION. Our Association, our tree, is a family composed of
everyday rural carriers. Some of those make a choice to step up and see what kind of difference they
can make in our root system and provide a little shelter during the storm of the Postal Service!
I can tell you I never intended to become all the things I have within our Association. I just took a job to
ensure my children were fed and clothed. Life had its own way with me on my journey from a TRC to
Regular Carrier. I can honestly say opportunities came my way slowly; I dipped my toes in little by little.
Even though I had a plan for a position on the board, our vibrant blue Tree of Life whispered to me during the State Convention. I dove deep to ensure the roots of our tree stay strong, deep and knowledgeable for future
generations of the KYRLCA. I hope to see you in Murray, KY, in February for the Winter Meeting. Let’s see where
your leaf starts to bud.

Ashley Baker, KYRLCA Vice President