Garry Stone 2017 
I was hired in at West Point, July 1991 or 1992 and substituted for three years. I made regular in 1994 or 1995 on a 33 hour H route at West Point, KY.  I joined the KYRLCA as soon as I could and attended every District D meeting and every state meeting thereafter. I served on several appointed offices at District D. I was elected Vice President of District D and later President of District D.  With the education I received from the Association, I was able to raise my route to a 35 H  
While on my route one day, I met a woman who seemed disoriented. There was a car parked down the road, so I stopped and asked if it was her car.  She said no and that she had taken a number of pills and wanted to die. I was able to talk her into getting into the car with me. I immediately called an ambulance and talked to her to find out what she had taken.  For this I received the hero and hard worker award. 
I was appointed insurance representative for the State Association and served in that position until I retired. 
The best thing I did for the Association was to marry Alta. She came to the first state convention and was appointed to several positions in the auxiliary. She was eventually elected president and served as president until we both retired. 
I was elected a national delegate for several years.  Alta and I both served anywhere we could to make the national convention in 2008 a success.
The thing that gives me the most pride is helping to start The Oak Leaf Society.  I am happy to see the KYRLCA continue to keep it going and am both surprised and delighted to become a part of it. 

I am really sorry that I can't be there to accept this award but Alta and I are on vacation in Vancouver, Canada.  We have been traveling quite a bit and enjoying our retirement to the utmost.