2016 Oak Leaf Soceity
 David Darrell had the honor of being inducted into the Oak Leaf Society for the year 2016. David is a regular carrier in the Carlisle post office with over 30 years of service.  He has always been active in the rural craft believing in our main principles. He has served as district officer, Kentucky State Board Member and was elected as president of the state. David was active on the QWL/EI work teams and traveled the state tirelessly training carriers on DPS mail. He has filed many variances and stood toe to toe with management on the proper way DPS was to be handled. David attended 13 national conventions on his own before being elected as a state delegate to the national conventions. David continues to be supportive of the craft and is one of the best on explaining how to get a free Saturday off. His service to the association was not alone, as his wife, Pricy and daughters Alison and Megan were also involved. Pricy was the Junior sponsor and the girls were always part of the state talent show.
 Congratulations David on receiving this honor.