2013 Oak Leaf
                                               Tom Murphy
                                        A Man of Many Miles

Tom's journey began on April 15,1961 when he was appointed as the Regular Rural Carrier on Route 1 at the Stanley Post Office. The route was sixty five miles and had 335 boxes. Tom joined the union the very first week he went to work.In the spring of 1961 he attended his first meeting and later that year he attended his first state convention.
 In 1969, Tom was moved to the Owensboro Post Office. His route is now 80 miles long and nearly 400 boxes.That was the beginning of many meetings and his becoming active in the association. He was elected as a district officer, a district delegate and state delegate numerous times.
 In 1990 Tom was awarded the honor of being the Outstanding Carrier of the Year, and was presented a plaque at the National Convention in Buffalo, NY.
 In 1991 Tom was the recipient of the Million Mile Award from the Postal Service.
 On March 3,1995 Tom retired with over 35 years of service, yet he continued to support the Association by attending local, state and national meetings.
 In 2011 he became eligible to receive the honor of being a fifty year member of the National Rural Letter Carrier Association.
We would like to thank Tom for his commitment and dedication to this Association.