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Come Join Us in Lexington


  Your KYRLCA Board Members and 2016 State Convention Committees are hard at work to make the 2016 KYRLCA State Convention a success.  Hard work had already taken place to get everything organized and ready to go.

  Confirmation has been received from Sharon Gardner and Thea Water representing, APCU, Atlanta Postal Credit Union, Linda Heaton representing NARFE, National Active and Retired Federal Employees, A representative from the Lexington Mayor’s office and from our National President Jeanette Dwyer.

  Things will be kicked off at our Meet and Greet on Friday night.  We will follow that with our first National Officer and National Steward led question and answer.

  Our Banquet Committee Chairman Kevin Ritchie has worked hard to get everything ready for the meals.  If you have sent in your reservations, thank you.  We have several meal events ready for your enjoyment.  We are all looking forward to the fellowship.

  Margie McDaniel and Joan Chowning are in charge of our Hospitality room.  We hope you take some time to go visit with fellow carriers, learn about our past and enjoy some refreshments.

  I have received word that our block of rooms is full so I hope you have your reservations.  The Hilton has said if you are still looking for a room to keep calling to see if they have cancellations.

  Time is running short and there are still lots to do to prepare.  Hope to see you soon.

Kathy S. Short, KYRLCA President








As part of the Field Onboarding Program for nationwide rollout on October 1, the updated Standard Training for Rural Letter Carriers academy is being introduced. The Standard Training for Rural Letter Carriers is the result of collaboration between many stakeholders including the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA), Rural Delivery Operations, Safety, Labor Relations, and Employee Resource Management at postal headquarters.

This jointly developed training program is designed to provide newly assigned rural carriers with the knowledge and skills to perform their duties and responsibilities. Instruction includes those elements common to all rural carriers and provides hands-on practice and mock driving routes.

As part of this initiative, the NRLCA and USPS have agreed to a joint selection process for all ad hoc academy instructor positions. Each district will select one instructor to attend a national Train-the-Trainer (TTT) session. This master trainer will be certified as the TTT instructor and will train other selected instructors to deliver the new course within their respective district

Selected instructors will normally rotate out as ad hoc instructors at least every three years.

All regular rural carriers that wish to be considered for the instructor positions MUST apply via eCareer between the dates of June 20 through June 27, 2016.

The success of the rural carrier training program depends on the professional integrity and high caliber of instructors chosen to conduct the sessions. An adequate cadre of certified instructors must be maintained so that instructors are available to support training requirements.




Attached you will find information that has been posted on the NRLCA website. 

As many of you are aware we are jointly working with the USPS on an Onboarding program initiative to increase retention in the rural carrier craft. As part of this initiative, the NRLCA and USPS have agreed to a joint selection process for all academy instructor positions. Anyone including current academy instructors interested in an academy instructor position must apply in e-career from June 20 to June 27

This message was originally sent from NRLCA Vice President Ronnie Stutts.

Donna Cissell
KYRLCA Secretary/Treasurer


Academy Instructor Application Process for New Field Onboarding Program Initiative



In support of Postal Service initiatives to increase employee retention and mitigate attrition, the Postal Service and NRLCA are working together on a Field Onboarding Program. This program includes Welcome to the United States Postal Service (orientation), revised on-the-job instruction, and rural academy material. The updated Field Onboarding Program will be given to all new employees effective October 1, 2016.

As part of this initiative, the NRLCA and USPS have agreed to a joint selection process for all academy instructor positions. There will be one academy instructor selected from each district that will be trained on the new material and be certified as a Train-the-trainer (TTT) instructor. These instructors will train other selected instructor applicants within their respective district.

Anyone, including current academy instructors that wish to be considered for an Ad-Hoc instructor position MUST apply via e-career between the dates of June 20 through June 27, 2016. Just to clarify, if you are a current academy instructor and want to continue as an academy instructor, you must apply via e-career on the dates above. There will be a new selection process and everyone selected will go through a new facilitator training process.

Further information will follow on dates, times, and places for the training sessions.

If you have any questions call: Vice President Ronnie Stutts at 703-684-5545.


Kentucky Rural Letter Carriers’ Association Election Notice 

A secret ballot election for the Delegates of the Kentucky RLCA to the 2016 NRLCA National Convention to be held in Nashville, TN on August16-19, 2016 is being conducted by mail.  Any eligible member who has not received a ballot by June10, 2016 or any member who spoils a ballot may request a new ballot by contacting the Election Committee Chairman, Malachi Royer at (270) 535-1551.  If you request and return another ballot, only the replacement ballot will be counted.

Way To Go Kentucky!!! Over 10,000.00 has been collected for PAC as of May, 2016. Thank you for your generous contributions. This money will be put to good use on strengthening our craft with our state law makers.

National Officer in attendance for the 2016 state convention, National President:
 Jeanette Dwyer.



 Jeanette P. Dwyer, of Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina, was re-elected President of the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association at the 111th National Convention in Reno, Nevada on August 21, 2015.  She previously served as President from 2011-2015, Vice President from 2008-2011, and as Executive Committeeman from 2002-2008.   

         Jeanette began her postal career in 1981 as a Designation 73 substitute and became a regular carrier in 1987.  She has devoted 34 years to the rural carrier craft.  She has served this Association as both Local Steward and State Steward, representing 3,548 routes in the State of North Carolina.  She served on Task Force II, along with three other members, on the Stewards Reference Guide.  She also served on the Appeals Committee at National Convention both as a member and chairman of the committee.

         Jeanette served this Association six years as an Executive Committeeman, dealing with labor relations issues in five postal areas, with six USPS Area Vice Presidents. Her extensive labor relations background serves this Association well in her present position as President of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association.  She remains in touch with rural carriers at all levels so she can continue to be informed about the daily issues that confront our craft.

         She continues to have the strong support of Larry, her husband of 46 years.  They have one son, Andy, and a 13 year old grandson, Bobby.


      Jeanette will continue to work to represent the interest of all rural carriers, with the dedication to improve our lot and the resolve to stand up for the true value of rural delivery, by the best work force in the Postal Service.

Legislative Update

 What an eventful few days!  Vice President Jane Virgin and I just returned from a very successful Legislative Seminar on Capitol Hill. Every Kentucky Congressman and Senator or their staff allowed us to meet with them concerning postal issues. We were told several times they are glad when the rural letter carriers come because we always bring new information to them.  This year was no different.
  Our first two full days were spent preparing for our office visits. Speakers from our National Office included President Jeanette Dwyer that spoke on the alliance between all four Postal Unions, Mailers and the Postal Service on upcoming legislation. She also stated that the recent mail count, with only 52% of the routes counting, created 155 new routes and added 118,968 new deliveries.
   Vice President Ronnie Stutts spoke on our state newsletters and the importance of relying on the expertise and training of the State Editor and Clifford Dailing with insight on membership numbers and the importance of RAFT.
  Mohammad Adra from the office of the OIG gave us facts and figures about how the USPS is on a slow increase in profit.  He stated we have leveled off on first class mail decreases and that is a positive. I encourage you to go on line and see some of the OIG reports, facts and figures.
  Maynard Benjamin of the Envelope Manufactures Association gave a report from a survey that was recently completed.  Even when people pay their bills on line, 80% of all ages still want that bill in hard copy form. That was surprising to me, as well as many others in the room.  Electronic technology is great, but people still want those cards and letters. Studies show 73% look at their mail, 60% act on it.
  On the Hill, we were able to give information to each office that was new to them about postal reform.  While we still asked for their support on H Res 12 (Preserving 6 day delivery) and H Res 54 (Maintaining Service Standards), most were well informed of those issues and about the Pre Funding issue.
   New legislation is projected to be out for consideration before the close of this session. It is to include the use of Postal specific assumptions, (we work longer than other Federal Employees before retiring and don't live as long after we retire) a rate adjustment, delivery of alcoholic beverages, investments of the Pre Funding account (in something with a higher yield than we are currently getting) and Non Postal Services (money orders alone sold $21 Billion, $14 Billion was in cash sales so interest was made in the transactions).
  Overall, we had a very successful trip. We were told it was the first day in weeks that it did not rain so that was a win in itself.  If the legislation moves forward, we will update you and will ask once again for you to contact your Congressman for their support.  We should have more information before our 2016 State Convention, June 24-26 in Lexington and even more at our 2016 National Convention in Nashville, TN in August.
Kathy S. Short, KYRLCA President





























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