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Kentucky Rural Letter Carrier Association



PS FORM 3849

 New scan requiring carriers to scan PS form 3849 barcode when items are attempted.

Rural Carrier National Office is talking to the Postal Service about this Issue. Watch the National Rural Carrier web page at NRLCA.ORG or Kentucky web page at KYRLCA.ORG for updates and additional information on the newly required scan.

Each carrier needs to keep track of the number of PS Form 3849 barcodes scanned when items are attempted and write the number of scans in the comment section on PS Form 4240 (trip sheet). I would also keep another list of  attempted items scanned on my own. If the National Board can get something worked out on new scan function, we will need the numbers.
Frankie Hunt
District Representative   



All of the district meetings are now being planned. Check the Upcoming Events page, your District page or the calendar for the dates, times, location and which districts are providing meals or the cost of your meal. If you want to be a delegate to the state convention you will need to notify your district secretary before your meeting, so your name can be added to the delegate list. Secretaries if you want a steward present, you will need to notify D.R. Frankie Hunt with a written request so he make arrangements for a steward to be present. Also let him know if you wish to have a labor seminar,
 a q&a session or just to have one present. Everyone please try to attend your district meeting, your district needs for you to be involved and so does your state. Also your union could use your presence.




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