On Monday March 16, the Kentucky State Board met to address the effects of
the Coronavirus on the remaining 5 District meetings. Districts A, E, H, & I
have decided to cancel their spring meetings to be in compliance with the
mandate of the National Board & CDC guidelines. This is your official notice: if
you are a member of one of these Districts, the election of officers, election

of outstanding member & election of state delegates will be done via Postal
mail. Please watch for a letter asking for nominations and then a ballot for
election. Please DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY!

The Kentucky RLCA State Board

District C has also been mandated to cancel their meeting per the National and CDC guidelines.

If you have previously submitted your name in nomination for a District
position, there is no need to re-submit. All nominations should be sent to
the District Secretary/Treasurer. Watch the website and the
KYRLCA Facebook page for updates.
Cancelled meeting dates:
District I – March 22
District E – March 29
District A – April 5

District C - April 18
District H – April 19
A Message to Members on the Stimulus Bill from NRLCA President Ronnie Stutts

The Postal Service is at a critical juncture. In the recently passed stimulus bill, Congress only included $10 billion in borrowing authority for the USPS to cover operating expenses and other costs incurred. There is no funding to pay down existing debt.
Without a proper stimulus package—something that was freely given to many corporations—the Postal Service will run out of money by summertime.
There has never been a more important moment to tell your members of Congress how disappointed you are that they have chosen to neglect a critical agency and its essential employees during this crisis. Tell them that the Postal Service is and will continue to be crucial to fighting the pandemic by delivering critical medications, testing kits, and other necessities to Americans across the country.
We anticipate that there may be more stimulus money at a later date, but it is critical that we all contact our members of Congress and let them know how we feel. Please help us by calling your members of Congress and passing this message to all rural carriers across the nation


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