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Just a reminder that this weekend, October 10-11, is the Association fall meeting. It is to be held at General Butler State Park in Carrollton KY. Member meetings are on Saturday and Sunday.  Lunch is Free on Saturday if you made advance reservations. Several meeting are planned for the membership and District officers alike. If you need additional information, check out the Fall Meeting Agenda page under Association Meeting on this site.  See you there.

Kathy S. Short, KYRLCA President

RE: Service Performance Measurement (SPM )Sampling


The NRLCA is aware that many carriers have already been given service talks on the Service Performance Measurement (SPM) over the last couple of weeks.The USPS prematurely put out talks and begin dates prior to the NRLCA and the USPS agreeing on the terms for this new work function. The NRLCA and the USPS have agreed on compensation and the process for compensation forth is new work function for the interim period. The USPS will start the functionality of SPM beginning this Saturday September 19,2015 across the country.


The Parties have agreed that rural carriers when alerted for a SPM sampling at a delivery point, the carrier will be compensated 50 seconds for this function which will require the carrier to scan up to 5 pieces of mail prior to delivery per the attached service talk. The parties further agreed that rural carriers will be compensated 70 seconds for this function when the carrier is required to scan up to 7 pieces of mail at a collection box per the attached service talk. The USPS states that on average each route will get one delivery SPM per week and less than that for collection boxes depending on the District and the number of collection boxes per route. Rural carriers will record in the comments column of the 4240 the number of SPM events that day, (Ex:if you received one alert for a delivery point on a given day, you would record "1-SPM Delivery'' in the comments of the 4240,if you received one alert for a collection box on a given day, you would record "1-SPM Collection" in the comments of the 4240. The carriers will be compensated for all SPM alerts regardless  if the carrier has passed the delivery{NO BACKTRACKING for this work function) or when they arrive at the delivery point and there is no mail for that delivery. Rural carriers will not always be alerted for an address that gets a SPM order, this is caused by the software that identifies where the address is and if the carrier does not come within 75 meters of where the software identifies it, it will not generate an alert. The most commonplaces this will happen is with rural routes with large properties or where CBU or centralized deliveries are located. Rural carriers when alerted with an audio or visual alert will not look at the MDD until they are stopped at the next delivery point. All carriers will be given safety talks and should be compensated for this safety talk unless the safety talk is being done in lieu of a normally scheduled service talk that was built into the route evaluation.


The NRLCA has also been notified that all rural routes within-the Rural Street Study offices at this time will not be included with SPM functionality but software will be updated at a later date TBD.


The parties agree that all leave replacements will be compensated on 1314-A each pay period. Regular carriers will be compensated via 8127 once each month.


The parties agree that after data collection begins, the interim compensation maybe adjusted. If the SPM becomes a permanent work function the parties will discuss the appropriate way to build this new work duty into the route evaluations. Please review the attached SPM service talk and the FAQs.


The below instructions have been sent out from postal headquarters related  to tracking the SPM occurrences and the compensation to the field. Rural carriers will only record in the comments column of the 4240 and management will complete the tracking worksheets.

"The rural carrier must enter the letter C or D in the comments section of the PS Form 4240, Rural Carrier Trip Report, with the number of work orders completed for each location. For instance, if a carrier has to perform 2 work orders and 1 is a collection box and 1 is a delivery point they would enter a "C" and "D" on the 4240. If the carrier had 4 sampling work orders and 2 were at Collection Boxes and 2 were at Delivery Points the carrier would enter 2-C and 2-D in the comments section of the 4240. MANAGEMENT will use the tracking worksheets to transfer these daily work orders from the 4240 to the appropriate worksheet; leave replacement or regular carrier worksheet. Each pay period the totals on the leave replacement worksheet shouldbe transferred to the 1314-A for compensation.Once each MONTH the manager will transfer the grand total from the regular carrier monthly worksheet to the 8127 box on the 1314.

As a safety precaution it is important that rural carriers are instructed to only pull up the alerts on the MOD once they are at the next delivery stop on their route; never while the vehicle is in motion. "        ·

If any issues come up with these instructions not being adhered in the field, please contact District Representative and provide details of where and what is happening

District E invites you to a Day at Churchill Downs on Sunday November 15, 2015.  Ticket prices are $35 per person. Price Includes admission to the 6th floor of Millionaires row, program, buffet lunch, and a great view of the track near the finish line. 

Make checks out to District E and mail # of tickets needed and payment to District E P.O. box 436421 Louisville, Ky 40253-6421.  All money must be received in my office by October 5th.

Hope to see you there, 

David Miller, District E Secretary Treasurer

                       NOTICE RCA COLA ROLL-IN NEWS

We have been notified by the Postal Service that the RCA/RCR COLA Roll-In per Article 9.1.F will be .88 cents per hour. The RCA/RCR COLA Roll-In was to be effective the first full pay period in August (PP18) and received in pay checks this Friday August 28, 2015. We have now been notified by the Postal Service that the programming change was not completed and now the RCAs/RCRs will not see this increase to their hourly rate until pay period 20, and reflected in their pay checks received on September 25, 2015. The Postal Service anticipates the retroactive adjustments for PP18 and PP19 to be paid in pay period 21 and reflected in their pay checks received on October 9, 2015.

Retirement Backlog Still High
The office of Personal Management didn't make much progress reducing the retirement claims backlog in August, according to the agency's latest numbers.
The backlog stands at 16,350 applications, down just 105 claims from July, OPM processed 7,446 retirement claims in August- 154 claims short of its goal for the month. The agency received 7,341 new retirement claims in August- 546 more applications than it received in August 2014.
The backlog grew by nearly 2,000 applications between June and July, a setback for OPM, which had been steadily chipping away at the number of pending claims since March.
Retirement claims typically spike in January, and then settle to lower levels for the rest of the year, but the number of applicant ants submitted varies from month to month. In October 2014 for instance, OPM received 10,155 new applications, 2,355 more claims than expected.
 The govermentwide automatic budget cuts will return in full force in October, unless Congress repeals them in September.Sequesteration likely will put a strain on OPM's ability to pay overtime to claims handlers, orhire new employees to tackle the work. A government shutdown if Congress cannot agree on funding for agencies before October 1 would hinder OPM's efforts to get rid of the backlog.
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